Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What do YOU say when someone asks "How Are You?"

Managers are notorious for not leaving thier offices. Contagious Leaders however, use an enhanced version of MBWA (management by walking around) and who knew... they actually talk to people and ask questions. Yet, one of the most popular questions is "How are you?" and we live in a culture that summarily dismisses this question and the answer. People will ask "How are you?" and then are lucky to hear an audible response, much less stick around to hear what it was... most of us just keep walking. Contagious Leaders... Beware of the perception that you don't care what the answer is if you are asking "how are ya?" and walking away. On the other hand, you can stop foot traffic with some unusual answers to the question when YOU are asked "how are you?" Here are a few to try out and just see what happens:

1. Finer than frog hairs
2. Energized and revitalized
3. Fascintated (instead of Frustrated!)
4. Getting better by the minute
5. Better than a bowl of cherries in summertime
6. If I were any better there would be two of me
7. Fabulous and Fantastic (inspired by the publisher of Orlando Woman newspaper)
8. Filled with hope and happiness
9. Truly happy (or blessed, excited, enthused, pleased to be here, etc)
10. Hotter than a firecracker
11. More brilliant than a diamond mine
12. Contagiously Confident! (my favorite!)
13. Good - any day I wake up above ground is a good day!
14. Happy to be alive!
15. Better than a rainbow on a rainy day
16. If I were any better, I'd need pom-poms!

Share this list with the negative Neds and negative Nellies in your life or at the office and give them some subtle or not so subtle hints. Contagious Leaders lead themselves and their own attitudes before trying to lead others. What have you been saying when someone says "How are you?" and how does that reflect your own attitude?

Stay Contagious!

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