Friday, February 27, 2009

Brain Drain... will there still be one?

There has been enormous buzz in the past 24 months about the Brain Drain - the condition in which all baby boomers retire from companies and there is going to be this mass exodus of not only people, but knowledge, leaving the young guns to learn on their own. Will it still happen?

How can we rely on this mass exodus, when the vast majority of financial portfolios of those who were going to retire are down as much as 85%? Are they really going to retire? Will we still have an exodus of people and knowledge or will the next problem actually be how are we going to employ all of these people?

Maybe we will need some new contagious creativity on solving what seems to have become to new challenge of our decade... and it has only begun to be the new problem in the last six months! What is buzzing now as the hot topic that may no longer be even relevant in six months?

Stay contagious!

Have you Heard: "I'm Not Participating in the Recession... "

Have you heard people saying "I know there is a recession out there, but I am choosing not to participate."? It seems to be the fluffy mantra of the times. In fact, I heard it again this morning and it seems to be that the ones saying it the most, are my fellow speakers.

I've even said it a time or two and though the essence of the statement, when I said it, was true, there is more to the story and Contagious Leaders know that. Here is the rest of the story...

There is a recession going on. Period. That is our reality and for many it is really, really, challenging heart breaking, and difficult. Those of us in the "positive, empowerment" or even "motivational speaking" industries need to know this and many of do. BUT, the difference is recognizing reality DOES NOT require getting sucked into the vortex of fear. In the face of fear and ambiguity, many people freeze. They don't know which end is up or where to go or what to do. That is an even scarier reality. When times are challenging and difficult is when you as the leader of your life, have to be even more diligent in making good decisions, taking good action, and consistently working toward a solution. Freezing provides no solutions and no feedback.

So, if you have heard and/or are saying "I choose not to participate in the recession." that's great, but here's a news flash, you're in it. Now you get to choose whether or not you going to appear dangerously naive or whether you are going to face your fear and do what you need to do anyway. Contagious Leaders choose to participate in reality, while looking fear dead in the eye and saying "Thanks for sharing, but I've got work to do!"

Stay Contagious!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leading in Tough Times

Times are tough, to be sure, but how tough are you being on yourself and thus those around you. Each and every thing you do and say rubs off on others or impacts others in some way, so what you do in your leadership is contagious! If you are being too tough on yourself in times that bring out the best and worst in us all, then maybe it's time to revisit that.

Give Yourself a Break - stress will slow down your productivity and it is human nature to freeze in the face of ambiguity. If that's where you are, it's normal. Not helpful, but normal.

Get Serious - the whole world is not going to end, the earth will not cease to spin or anything other extreme that you may be saying to yourself. You can what -if and worry yourself to death or you can get seriously focused on what you can do versus what you might have to do.

Get Out of Your Own Way - Contagious Leaders manage themselves well. In fact, you really have no business managing or leading others if you cannot first lead yourself. Are you doing that? Or are you letting everything other than what you should be doing, get in your way of doing what needs to be done for your office, your business or your life. Stop getting in your own way and get out there and get after it. (that's a lot of gets, heh! You get the idea.)

Stay Contagious and know that tough times allow us to appreicate when the living is easy...