Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Leaders: Say What you Mean!

I spent some time today in a corporate office of a rapidly growing company and after talking with three different executive level folks, I was reminded at how much we become our environment. Things were said that sounded like this:
- Let's log in after the meeting and share pertinent information
- Are you on board with the modifications that our client is requesting of this business unit?
- Is your team ready to by trimmed down and nimble?
- What are the levers that you will be moving as you assimilate into the business?

I wasn't sure sometimes if I was aboard the starship Enterprise (always think Star Trek when someone says they want to assimilate me or my services) or just in a land in which Dilbert would have a hey day. THough I understand everything that was said, I began to wonder if we don't do so much talking at people as leaders that the begin to become immune to what should be our contagious enthusiasm and leadership. Why can't we just say what we mean, which to me for each of the above, would have sounded like this:
- "let's log in.."
See me after the meeting and let's chat about what you heard
- "Are you on board..."
Do you agree or disagree with the changes we are making? Why or why not?
- "Is your team ready.."
Are you prepared for budget reductions and can you do more with less?
- "What are the levers..."
How will you impact business and how long will it take you?

Contagious Leaders say what they mean and don't try to lead by confusing the very resources (yep... people) that they are trying to empower (motivate to do more) to produce effective and efficient solutions (do more while staying creative and positive and being paid the same).

Stay Contagious!

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