Monday, May 26, 2008

Companies Don't Buy Leadership Training... they buy better leaders.

So many leaders, so little time... so many issues and so few to lead them... it happens a lot. Companies are facing a leadership challenge and they aren't wanting to buy more stuff or more training, they are looking to resolve their leadership issues.

How do you know if your company needs leadership training to resolve those issues?
1. If your company is seeing an increase in attrition and problem employees.
Attrition, or the number of employees leaving versus the rate at which they are coming aboard, can be a sign that leadership is not coaching or training effectively. When problem employees are on the rise, this can also be a sign that there is a lack of coaching skills and development mindset. A contagious leader knows the value and impact of positive coaching and spending the most of their time with those employees doing it right.

2. If you are hearing "I told you so" or "or else" more often than you used to.
There is a difference between using one's leadership authority or power and using one's influence. Contagious Leaders use influence to encourage employees to follow them. Regular leaders, or managers more so, use their title or their position to get others to do as they have asked. (or told!) Contagious Leadership training can help those in positions of power utilize their power in ways that inspire performance instead of create more people problems such as resistance, attitude problems and sabotage.

3. If you have a line out the HR door and they are dealing with attitude problems daily.
Attitude issues are exceptionally difficult to work with and they often come from resentful employees. Some are resentful because of life's events, but some are that way because they have asked and spoken up, in subtle and not so subtle ways, for a leadership change, but to no avail. Leaders with additional training in communication, coaching, and development of others will be able to proactively prevent resentment from showing itself in performance and developing into attitude issues.

Keep in mind, leadership training should lead to solutions for leadership issues. You are not buying a leadership training course, you are bringing in the development of your leaders. That, if done well, will bring you a significant return on your training investment. It will bring you a reduction of attitude issues, attrition, abuse of power and problem employees. Leadership Training - several thousand bucks, Experienced Speaker - thousands of dollars, reduction of problem employees and attitude issues - PRICELESS.

If your organization needs leadership training, contact Monica Wofford International at or 1-866-382-0121.

Stay Contagious!

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