Thursday, June 19, 2008

What keeps you up at night boss?

Hello Contagious leaders!

Usually sales people ask the "what keeps you up at night?" question of a leader who has decision making authority. The unfortunate answer is that most leaders don't know what keeps them up at night, but they know what all the little things are that keep them from leading all day long.

It's a common question... with an uncommon and widely varied answer. This question was mentioned to me again this week and I thought I would share my two cents with you. It isn't what keeps a leader up at night that is so important, it is more than that. It is what keeps a leader from doing what their true role is that's the problem. It is the management stuff, the day to day fire drills, the time in the day that never seems to be enough and the coaching that should happen but doesn't seem to. Those are the problems that could be solved and would benefit both employees and leaders if they were solved.
Stay Contagious!

Maybe in our quest to become a Contagious Leader... one who provides real remedies for real people... we could work less on what "keeps up at night" and more on what keeps us from being a better leader all day long.

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