Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leadership Begins With You!

When we talk about leadership, we usually are talking about leading others, however, the truth of the matter is that if we are unable to lead ourselves, we have no business leading other people.

Leading yourself, for Contagious Leaders, means the following:
1. Believe for yourself what you are saying to others
2. Apply to yourself those skill sets and mind sets that you are asking others to follow or use
3. Moderate your own self talk
4. Watch the ratio of those things you take professionally versus those you take personally
5. Be as fascinated by your own mistakes as the mistakes of others sometimes frustrate you

And now for the moment of truth, being a Contagious Leader isn't about just giving advice, giving direction, or sharing wisdom for the purpose of helping others be better... it is about taking your own advice, giving yourself good direction and regularly gaining more wisdom.

Sometimes we have to focus as much or more on ourselves in order to be there for those that we lead, when they need us...

Stay Contagious!

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