Saturday, March 8, 2008

Leading Through the Tough Times

Did you know that a recession is defined by two quarters of GDP decline? Well, ladies and gentleman we are looking at two quarters of GDP growth. Does that mean all is rosy? Nope. But, if you take a look at magazine headlines and articles from the 70's, if you take out the price of oil, the price of gas and the military portion, the information is the same. It is just like reading a Newsweek of today. These are cycles and they happen and they are TEMPORARY. The doom and gloom of the news, the media and the uneducated, may not be helping you lead anyone through the tough times, least of all, you!

When leading through the tough times, try:
1. Being positive but not polly anna.
2. Being clear on direction and compassionate on people issues
3. Being open to more emotional discussion than usual.

Until we have the honor of meeting in person...

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