Sunday, January 14, 2007

Push or Pull Leadership

It has been said that a true leader is lifted up by those following the leader. Are you being lifted up or are you pulling all those you have the privilege of leading along? If you rose through the ranks in an organization, chances are you were lifted up by those you interacted with and made an impression on. If you landed in a new leadership role with no previous experience in that culture, chances are you were lifted up by those in other companies or other positions to have the skills and knowledge you needed to land this new role.

If what you are doing is pulling others into your following, you may not be leading with the right skills and knowledge. The key is to insprire, motivate, lead, guide, and direct others in a way that focuses on their own personal and professional development. This focus will likely gain you the "lift up" that you are looking for. Any other focus, will keep you in a position of pulling others along with you, which is somewhat like trying to push water - highly ineffective.

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