Thursday, January 4, 2007

Leaders Action Steps

Staying on task in our busy environments can be a challenge, for sure. But, leaders who are on purpose and leading intentionally (instead of merely because they have a title) follow a few simple steps to stay on task and keep those they have the privilige of leading on task as well.

Recently, I finished "The Secrets of VITO - Think and sell like a CEO" and on page 179 there are a few action steps that CEO's take to lead with purpose on purpose. They are:

1. Write an Easy to Understand Mission Statement - this is a statement that simply answers the question "what are we all about?"

2. Constantly Ask Yourself "What can I learn from this situation that will help me move forward in my goals"

3. Stay Flexible Forget about attaining perfection; move past setbacks. (easier said than done for certain!)

4. Move Past Fear During tough times, successful CEOs push past the rest of the crowd.Everyone feels fear. The trick is to control it, recognize it, and put it in its place. (As my friend Jack Canfield is fond of saying "Feel the fear and do it anyway")

5. Be Persistant Every CEO interviewed for this book (see above) developed a knack for coming back, again, and again, and again, to the tasks necessary to attain their goals. (AND SO CAN YOU!)

Lead with purpose!

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