Monday, March 30, 2009

Do you need someone who thinks "Out of the box?"

The March issue of Harvard Business Review made me laugh!
Leaders often look for employees who utilize out of the box thinking and when you apply that concept to this cartoon - it's good for a great chuckle.

Are you a Contagious Leader who is looking for a unique,
out of the box thinker? Are you hiring for attitude and
teaching skill or are you looking at skills, hoping to change and instill a great attitude. Let me recommend the first as a better

Determine whether you need a follower on the team who
will stay in the box, follow directions, and fulfill the needs you outline OR if you need a leader who will toss out the box, make a new one, reshape it, or build a better mousetrap.

Oh, and as a cat owner, the whole out of the box thing... totally different connotation. Made the laughs even better. Have a contagious... out of the box... kind of day!

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