Friday, February 27, 2009

Brain Drain... will there still be one?

There has been enormous buzz in the past 24 months about the Brain Drain - the condition in which all baby boomers retire from companies and there is going to be this mass exodus of not only people, but knowledge, leaving the young guns to learn on their own. Will it still happen?

How can we rely on this mass exodus, when the vast majority of financial portfolios of those who were going to retire are down as much as 85%? Are they really going to retire? Will we still have an exodus of people and knowledge or will the next problem actually be how are we going to employ all of these people?

Maybe we will need some new contagious creativity on solving what seems to have become to new challenge of our decade... and it has only begun to be the new problem in the last six months! What is buzzing now as the hot topic that may no longer be even relevant in six months?

Stay contagious!

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