Friday, June 29, 2007

Definition of Management at DMV

This morning I completed a good read by Ken Blanchard. In his recent book: Leading at a Higher Level (, Ken describes a scenario at his local DMV in which changes from the leader of that office, led to a dramatic reduction in lines and wait times and the frustration of the customers.

Ken asked the leader of this office many questions and one included his definition of a manager, to which the man replied:

" My job [as manager] is to reorganize the department on a moment-to-moment basis, depending on citizen (customer) need."

Perhaps we could all begin to look at our role as managers and leaders in this way - it just might change the way that we not only percieve our job, but perceive others and the needs of customers. After all, it is the employees and the customers that give us a reason to have the role of leader in the first place.

Until we have the privilege of meeting in person....

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