Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who are People Hiring?

In November's Fortune Small Business ...

Check out the article on page 20 about who is hiring whom? The article goes on to mention that employers are hiring folks that they ike. The data comes from "a recent survey by NFI Research and what they found is that managers of small businesss are more likely to make hiring and promotion decisions based on personality than on significant factors such as, oh, skill level."

The data speaks loudly and says that the folloiwng percentages are what you are relying on when hiring or promoting folks:
64.8% Personality/likability
58.6% Skills
53.9% Track Record
18.8% Knowledge of your organization
14.1% Diversity

If that is the case perhaps it is time we help managers by educating them more on what to look for in the way of personality/likability. Better yet, perhaps we provide a tool to HR or hiring departments to determine a candidates true likeability and personality rather than just what they show you in an interview. This is exactly what we do at Monica Wofford International. Call us for a preview! 1-866-382-0121 and in the meantime, think carefully about who you are hiring.

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