Sunday, November 13, 2005

Message from Monica

The other day I was riding the parking shuttle bus from ORlando's airport to the lot where I park my car. I was absolutely beat and in a fog from having slept on the plane on the way home. Yet, as I rode in the back of this bus and chose, for whatever reason to face the back watching the roads and cars and traffic that was behind us, it occurred to me that I lost track of where we were.

Let me explain. In a town that I know well, in an area of town that I know very well, because I was watching what was behind us instead of what was infront of us, I lost track of where we were.

It made me wonder just how many times in my life and work I had done that to myself. Do we focus so much on our past and what we have done or not done before that we forget to pay attention to where we are going or more importantly, where we ARE? Something to think about...


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